Will espidf v4.0-rc be supported?


got released i wanted to know if there will be support for it ?
Since this version already changes the build system and in previous posts it was said that the idf betas won’t be supported unless the build system they use is stable.
Completely understandable, rebuilding that is not fun for sure.

With the -rf already changing the build system, I am hoping that the support for it will come a bit sooner than the actual 4.0 release.

Can someone update on this?

-rc is still a release candidate, so support for this exact version is unlikely (How to use ESP-IDF current version from https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf? - #2 by ivankravets), but once it’s properly released PlatformIO will surely pick up support for it. @ivankravets can give more info.


The @maxgerhardt is correct, we don’t support beta software. Please note that software vendors can provide integration with PlatformIO for their beat software. Please contact with Espressif.

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