Why the minimal presence of RP2040 on Platformio?

I find it strange that the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is supported - is that down to Arduino doing the heavy lifting? And the Pico itself is supported but not the W. Is that down to different WiFi chips from Nano Connect? Different libraries?

In any case I thought Earlephilhower had done the work for a whole bunch of RP2040 boards, many with WiFi.

This “he said, she said” is not helpful to platformio. " Your Gateway to Embedded Software Development Excellence"

Espressif 2021 Annual Report
226 million delivered chips (per year)
somehow the number is not related to a hobby projects

so for me pico-w stands for pico-wizio now :slight_smile:
Thank you! My AV Reciever would not have a bluetooth input without you


I listen they sold 800 million, Hobby vs Industrie, demons, PCC, this has a reason!

Aren’t these numbers terribly inflated ? for hobby … the chip is very far from industry