Why platformio does not install latest library version as dependency?

My library seems to pull an old version of a dependency, although no specific version is defined.

See Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

<ESP_Homie_WS2812FX> v0.9.1 pulls

| |-- <WS2812FX> v1.0.0

altough v1.0.1 is available (since several days).


Both platformio.ini and library.json depend on “WS2812FX” (without version) so I expected that the latest available version is installed?

Found it… https://libraries.io/platformio/ArduinoSTL/0.1.4

PlatformIO caches downloaded libraries. See

You can cleanup cache in Travis CI manually. See

Thanks. I figured this out just before posting.

However, why 'pio lib -g install` does not update already installed libraries?
What is your recommendation for “install or update” latest matching library version for running in a CI environment?

Just add after this line

platformio lib -g update

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the caching for platformio installation.

I changed all my projects to update libraries - and after I noted that this does not update the platforms/frameworks, also a line to update these (just platformio update) - as travis install all libraries globally, this also updates these, so there is no need for an extra platformio lib -g update.

I think it would be helpful to add the update to the template for project and library of .travis.yml ?

Thanks! Fixed in