Where to put mbed_app.json files

I have a simple question,

Where in the project tree should I put mbed configuration files like mbed_app.json? I want to disable a few things e.g. hwfc for the nRF52 DK target. I know I can do this in target.json in /framework-mbed/targets folder, but I would like to have separate settings for this specific project.

We don’t support mbed_app.json, please use Redirecting... and build options.

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Can you provide an example how this can be specified?

How do you do that with mbed CLI?

I think there is no answer in the thread. I want to do this:

“target_overrides”: {
“NRF52_DK”: {
“target.uart_hwfc”: 0
To the mbed_app.json

any way to do this in some config?

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Hi byq77,

Did you find a solution by now?


Hi @ivankravets, may you help a bit?

How to set this type options?

I tried to figure out how to use Low Frequency Internal Crystal.

Thanks, Taras.

See my comment here

A temporary solution is to use build_flags. For example,

platform = ...

@ivankravets thanks,

build_flags = 

it works well for me :slight_smile:

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What is your mbed_app.json? We will add soon support for it.

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I followed this doc:

     "target_overrides": {
        "*": {
            "target.lf_clock_src": "NRF_LF_SRC_XTAL"