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When doing "pio home" command the Terminall freezes


When launching “pio home” command it opens a new tab in our default system web browser (Opera in my case), and the shell displays a home in ASCII art and nothing elses happens and the terminal still freeze until you kill the terminal.

Is this normal ?


I expect so… I have the same behaviour here on Linux. You can also click on the terminal to make sure it has input focus, and do a Ctrl+C to end the PIO task. When the web browser tab opens up, is it on the PIO home screen? pio home is supposed to start up a web server, which you connect to via


Yes, the script opens a webserver and keeps it open. Kill it with Ctrl+C if you must.


Improved in 2.1.1 PIO Plus Core. Please update packages via PlatformIO IDE > Terminal

$ pio update



excellent news !!!


Something wrong everytime I launch a pio command through terminal after launching vscode. I have to close terminal (2) then only click on (3) (see image) and only after I can put a commande such as (“pio update”)