When code uploaded by PIO webpage doesn't load


I followed this example (EthernetWebServer/examples/ESP32_FS_EthernetWebServer at master · khoih-prog/EthernetWebServer · GitHub) to create a webserver that serves static files.

The strange thing is when I upload the code with PlatformIO it compiles and runs (I get my Serial prints) but when I go to the webpage it is stuck on loading. Whereas if I upload the exact same code with Arduino IDE then the webpages do load.

Do you know what could be the problem?

My setup:
Esp32 (WT32-SC01-PLUS) + ethernet (W5500)


platform = espressif32
board = um_tinys3
framework = arduino
lib_deps = khoih-prog/EthernetWebServer@^2.2.3

Thanks in advance!

What’s the Arduino-ESP32 core version you’re using in the Arduino IDE? (Tools->Board->Board manager → esp32)

Arduino IDE (Tools->Board->Board manager → esp32) 2.0.5
PlatformIO I found version 3.20005.220925

When I go to the installed folders of esp32 of Arduino and PIO I don’t see any difference in the folder “cores” though, all files seem to be the same.

do you have any pointers to how to fix this?

Other requests do work but not but it does not serve the SPIFFS files. The files are present on the ESP32, and when the same code is uploaded from Arduino IDE the files are served. So it has to be an PlatformIO SPIFFS issue.
Can you help me?

I think the SPIFFS.h is in the lib “TFT_eSPI”. In Arduino IDE it says version 2.4.72

In PIO I found 2.0.0 for the SPIFFS lib within the esp32 3.20005.220925 folder.