What version is framework-espidf?

The package that gets downloaded has a package.json saying “version”: “3.30101.0”, what does that correspond to in the repo GitHub - espressif/esp-idf: Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for Espressif SoCs. ? There is no such branch there, so I thought it’s the v3.1.1 tag, but that tag includes commit 9ec43e1 while the platformio package doesn’t. So now I’m wondering what the platformio package corresponds to…

I have the same question. Trying to use arduino as an esp-idf component and I think the versions are mismatched (i.e. that the arduino version is more recent), as the build is failing. Not sure what to do about it since I don’t understand what the esp-idf framework version is. Is this a repo somewhere?

The latest stable version is 3.1.1

@ivankravets thanks for the reply.

So is framework-espidf always trailing the last stable version of esp-idf? Is there any way to get the bleeding edge version (for instance the one that includes protobuf-c as as a component)?

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Currently, we don’t support “staging” version of ESP-IDF. We plan to add it in future. Stay tuned with on https://twitter.com/PlatformIO_Org