Want to add a BLE service with five characteristics

I got all fussed up about the ESP 32 chip, and I want to use all the advanced functions. I’ve used ESP-IDF, but I’ll stick with the Arduino framework until I’m better at code. The awesome function starts with the memory- you can load several programs on the chip, and it has two processors. One program can run full-time, and another can be selected from a menu. So that’s where I’m heading. The ESP Download Tool is awesome. You just need the .bin files.

My WeatherPod works, and it’s proven a lot of concepts- it will run forever with one 18650 battery and a 5-6V solar panel.
It’s got a BME680 and a Uv sensor on a WeMos/32. It has a nice OLED display right now, but I’m going to replace it with the 128 x 32 OLED to only display the IP address of the web page it serves on my network.

The IOT fun of this chip is in the WiFi and Bluetooth and BLE capacity. Espressif has actually developed a blend of these two- BlueFi. So far, I only have WiFi really figured out.

I know HTML, and the webserver method I found just passes HTML lines as a quoted string to the HTML machine. So when I get the ESP32 Cam working, I can have a live stream of the hummingbirds at the flowers or the blue sky along with all the weather data. And I’ll figure out how to serve that page on my website, so distant family can see my hummingbirds. So the web server function of the ESP32 is working, and I’m dancing a jig because this represents the end of a horrible time when nothing worked because I didn’t know how to work PIO. This thing is about two months late.

But I want to publish by BLE. I want a paired pair of devices with notify and update. I want the central unit to display on TFT what is currently displayed on OLED on the will-be peripheral, currently publishing that webserver page. I’d also make an app to display the bluetooth data.

I’ve seen a few scripts with Characteristics nested under a Service in a way I should’ve been able to copy and paste, but something or other was undesirable.
I’ve gotten some Hello Worlds to work (Thank you Niel Koban), but I want BLE telemetry. The beacon scripts I’ve found really only do a Hello World.

Has anyone got advice ? Have you built a BLE device?
I’m also interested in BluFi, but I want to get this formal thing figured out enough to use it.

What would be really great is a beacon script that uses a sensor. Even something analog like LM35. But I love the BME680. It’s super accurate.
I’ve always done best starting with something really simple, which I can manipulate. This sensor pod has like ten libraries, but the examples have been frustrating.

Hello again!

I know this is not the response you want, but I know nothing about BLE other than what it stands for! Sorry. :frowning_face:

Good luck.