W600-PICO support


I have just started using the W600-PICO from Wemos and I would like to use it with Platform IO. There is an Arduino Framework for this platform provided by Winner Micro (apparently). I have been testing the framework with the Arduino IDE and it is working with no problems so far.

What should I do to add support for this platform? I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you so much!


Huh, interesting. 3 months ago I started implementing the W60X integration for PlatformIO GitHub - maxgerhardt/platform-w60x: PlatformIO platform for WinnerMicro W60X chips., which can successfully compile and flash firmwares using WinnerMicro’s native SDK.

I wanted to write an Arduino core myself but didn’t see that it already exists. So, so much for that ;__;

With the base development I’ve already done (compiler setup, board setup, packages for compilers, uploaders etc.), adding Arduino framework support should be fairly straightforward for those versed in PlatformIO Python integration code… There isn’t really a documentation on how to do that in depth from start to finish, but the basic pointers at Custom Platform & Board — PlatformIO latest documentation exist.

I’ll have a look at integration myself.