VSCode Not Showing PIO Toolbar or Menu Options - osMac Sierra/High Sierra

Just installed VSCode v1.27.1 on macOS High Sierra (and another copy on a macOS Sierra system), followed the installation instructions for the PlatformIO extension, restarted the IDE and have no PIO toolbar at the bottom, nor do I see any other menu options.

I also opened an existing Arduino project with a valid platformio.ini file in the folder, but that would not cause VSCode to display anything PIO related in the IDE.

From what it appears, everything including the PIO extension seems to be installed and enabled. What am I missing?

Hi jbeck, I have the same issue - after a fresh VSCode and PlatformIO extension install there is no PIO toolbar on top, although the ‘ant’ button on the left remains. However I am unable to load PIO Home tab in VSCode, as it is just blank. Starting pio home from terminal throws an exception:

  • pio home
  •   + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (pio:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

I tried fresh reinstalls of vscode and pio three times, and I’m at wits end on why this happened, and I can’t find a fix anywhere

Windows 10, latest updates here

Please open VSCode > Help > Toggle Developer Tools > Console

Could you provide errors here?

No errors displayed in the Console tab. Attached is a screenshot of what I see when displaying that tab.


Could you also provide an output from VSCode > Help > Toggle Developer Tools > Console?

Ivan was able to identify the issue, which seems to be a bug in VSCode and has been reported to Microsoft.

The issue is that after a new install of VSCode, completing the PIO extension installation does not complete due to a modal dialog VSCode displayed. The modal dialog prompted an update to Git, which I didn’t confirm not realizing that it was holding up the installation completion of the PIO extension. Once the dialog was closed, the extension finished installing properly.

Can you help me. I was face the same problem

Sorry for the issue, just update extension to 1.9.2.