VSCode: Missing "PlatformIO: Test" icon in PlatformIO Toolbar


I have updated platformio version (Core: 5.0.2, Home: 3.3.1) and now the “PlatformIO: Test” task icon does not appear in PlatformIO Toolbar.

I have checked in the documentation that it has been removed from the PlatformIO Toolbar (PlatformIO IDE for VSCode — PlatformIO latest documentation)

That button was very useful for me. Is it possible to restore it? Any hints or docs on how to do it? Where can I see the code for the other buttons on the PlatformIO Toolbar? This would help me to be able to add the one I miss.


Hm I don’t see anything that directly says “Removed Test button from toolbar” in any of the commits, so it might be accidental? Please open an issue at Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub.

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Thank you for your hint, @maxgerhardt.

I’ve done a little more digging and I’ve found the commit:

I’m not sure why this change, I’ll open an issue as you suggested.

Issue: PlatformIO Toolbar: "PlatformIO: Test” icon · Issue #2226 · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub

Thank you!

While the test icon has been removed from the tool bar, it still lives!

Click the alien’s head on the far left toolbar, when the list appears, click on “Advanced” to open it up. You will find the less frequently used options there - test is one of them. The verbose build and upload options are to be found here as well - which I find very useful.



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Hi @normandunbar, thank you for your tip!

You can use platformio test in the terminal too. It is a not very important issue, but I was so used to that icon :wink:

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