VS 2017 on windows 10

Can I install it with Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10?

No, not as an IDE. But you can just download VSCode for free and use PlatformIO with that. Almost the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Project generation for Visual Studio is supported per Redirecting...


Thanks a lot for guidance. In fact I am user of visual studio for long time and quite comfortable with it. Arduino IDE is also not bad at all as some tries to project. It is simple and very clean. But VS is an other level. I tried VisualMicro but would prefer Arduino IDE over it. Let me try PlatformIO.
One more thing please. I saw that Professional edition supports “PIO Unified Debugger”. Does this mean there is no debugging possible in Community edition? Does Community edition verify the code before uploading as in Arduino IDE?

Verification that the image written into the flash of the board equals the locally built one is handled by the uploader program (e.g., avrdude), not by PIO. Thus this is available on all editions. Or do you mean by “verify” that the code is compilable? Well then, non-compilable code will not be uploadable, of course.

Is available in the paid PlatformIO editions and is built-in for Visual Studio and Atom (though VSCode is prefered), and can be integrated into Eclipse and Sublime. See Debugging — PlatformIO latest documentation. Thus you do not get debugging capabilites when using only PlatformIO (any edition) in Visual Studio.

While using VisualMicro, I saw that it uploaded a sketch which has many mistakes, as discovered later when I tried to upload same sketch through Arduino IDE.

As you mentioned integrating PlatformIO is possible in VS 2017, but is using VS Code the preferred path?

Meaning what exactly? Compilation error? How did Arduino IDE discover these errors?

Depends on what you need exactly. You can use PIO with Visual Studio just fine to compile and upload projects and have Intellisense. The exact same is true for VS Code. When using the paid PIO, you have the unified debugger in VSCode (and the other IDEs I mentioned above), but not in Visual Studio. Though other paid features (unit testing, cloud uploading, …) are always available via the CLI. (see A professional collaborative platform for embedded development · PlatformIO)

Thanks for such quick response. I will go with VS 2017.