Version Control

I’m just about to ditch Arduino IDE (and others) and start using PlatformIO.

As I understand it PlatformIO supports version control, but I cannot see any guides on how to use it. Where should I be looking? Is it something VSCode does?

I see lots of help on library versions and git (and github), but this doesn’t seem to apply.

I want to be able to write code for a project, compile it, upload it and test. If the test fails, or if I add new features then I want to increment version numbers, and keep a copy of the old version in place,

Also I’ve got existing Arduino IDE projects with version numbers inside them, and I’d like to be able to see a version number without having to actually read the code

Version control is handled by VSCode as opposed to PlatformIO. There is some help on using git from VSCode at Source Control with Git in Visual Studio Code.