Vector 11 on Arduino Uno with Eclipse and Platformio Integration Error

Working on an Arduino Implementation of FreeRTOS using this example:Code in the right way!: FreeRTOS on Arduino UNO using Eclipse IDE: Part 1

I’m developing on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit. Eclipse version Neon 4.6.2

I have compiled the blink example from platformio and it works on board. Debugged the FreeRTOS example listed above to this error:
14:57:35 **** Incremental Build of configuration Default for project FreeRTOS_new ****
platformio -f -c eclipse run
[Tue Jan 3 14:57:36 2017] Processing uno (platform: atmelavr, board: uno, framework: arduino)

Verbose mode can be enabled via -v, --verbose option
Collected 27 compatible libraries
Looking for dependencies…
Project does not have dependencies
Compiling .pioenvs/uno/src/port.o
Linking .pioenvs/uno/firmware.elf
__vector_11' referenced in section .vectors’ of /home/user/.platformio/packages/toolchain-atmelavr/bin/…/lib/gcc/avr/4.9.2/…/…/…/…/avr/lib/avr5/crtatmega328p.o: defined in discarded section `.text’ of .pioenvs/uno/src/port.o (symbol from plugin)
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
*** [.pioenvs/uno/firmware.elf] Error 1
========================== [ERROR] Took 1.80 seconds ==========================

14:57:37 Build Finished (took 2s.288ms)

Tracked this down to port.c code:

#if configUSE_PREEMPTION == 1

 * Tick ISR for preemptive scheduler.  We can use a naked attribute as
 * the context is saved at the start of vPortYieldFromTick().  The tick
 * count is incremented after the context is saved.
void TIMER1_COMPA_vect( void ) __attribute__ ( ( signal, naked ) );
//void SIG_OUTPUT_COMPARE1A( void ) __attribute__ ( ( signal, naked ) );
void TIMER1_COMPA_vect( void )
//void SIG_OUTPUT_COMPARE1A( void )
	asm volatile ( "reti" );


 * Tick ISR for the cooperative scheduler.  All this does is increment the
 * tick count.  We don't need to switch context, this can only be done by
 * manual calls to taskYIELD();
void TIMER1_COMPA_vect( void ) __attribute__ ( ( signal ) );
//void SIG_OUTPUT_COMPARE1A( void ) __attribute__ ( ( signal ) );
void TIMER1_COMPA_vect( void )
//void SIG_OUTPUT_COMPARE1A( void )


My understanding for Atmega328p is that the new standard for interrupt vector 11 is:
DESCRIPTION: Timer/Counter1 Compare Match A

from /usr/lib/avr/lib/avr5/iom328p.h:
#define TIMER1_COMPA_vect_num_11
#define TIMER1_COMPA_vect __VECTOR(11) /*Timer/Counter1 Compare Match A */

Anyone out there know where I can get around this issue?
Thanks for giving it a look!