Using VSCode + PIO and ESP8266 NONOS SDK 3.0


I need to do some dev work on an old ESP8266 project. Previously, all the work was done in Linux using a text editor to edit the source files (yes, a very clunky solution from 2015).

I have installed VSCode and added the PIO extension (people recommend this setup).

However, I have a few couple/questions:

  1. PIO only gave me the option to install the 2.2.1 SDK (even though v 3.0 is now available). Is there a reason for this, or can I force PIO to reference the 3.0 SDK via a different folder?
  2. I want to compile the “AT” version of the SDK (found in the examples folder). Im having difficulty setting this environment up.

Ultimately, I want to take the standard AT version of the ESP8266 firmware and add a webserver element and a couple of custom AT commands my company uses. Is it possible to do this without making a mountain of work for myself?