Using Platformio to open downloaded programs

Hello I am very new to Platformio. To ask this question simply, I have already downloaded programs for Platformio that I want to Build and Run. How do I open these programs in Platformio. In this case I do not to enter a program in in PIO I want to Open one.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated,


Depends on in what format that “downloaded program” is. PlatformIO always has a project folder structure behind it, you cannot open code files (.cpp, .ino) directly in VSCode and just compile them. They need to be contained within a project.

Open PIO Home and select either

  • “Open Project” if you’ve downloaded a PlatformIO project folder (of this example structure)
  • “Import Arduino Project” to select the folder in which the Arduino code file (.ino) is, along with the info for what board it is. The (dedicated) folder should only contain the sketch file and nothing else.

If the project needs additional configuration, see documentation, e.g. regarding libraries.

Thank you very much for your help Maxgerhardt, I will dive into in a few minutes. I have downloaded various programs from Github, some are specifically for PIO and others for Android. I hope that helps you understand my situation any better.



One last question please. Do the programs I am opening in PIO need to be unzipped first?


Yes they need to be unzipped. As said above, only import from an PlatformIO project folder or Arduino sketch folder, unzipped, is possible.