Using platformio and vscode to debug native linux (x86_x64) application

Hello all,

I am trying to setup my platformio project for debugging the application under Debian Linux (x64). Unfortunately, I am getting the error that I have to correctly setup my environment in platformio.ini.
It currently is quite plain forward:

env_default = linux


platform = native

Instead of native I also tried linux_x86_x64.

Sorry for asking this basic question but I am quite new to platformio and I didn’t find any solution after googling for a while.

Thanks in advance.

We currently don’t support debugging of native applications. There is a feature request:

I have to develop some platform indepedant pure C++ code , which I though could debug in the native windows os then load to esp32/m5stack , unfortuantely I do not have support for debug in both cases , Pls add the debug support , without debug support any project development on this toolset falls into a risk category !

Any update on debugging native?
My scenario is that I have a library where I run unit tests with native platform so that the unit tests run on my development machine. It would be incredible helpful if I could debug these unit tests.


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