Using local offline version of framework-mbed/ststm32

Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to force the platformio to simply use the pre-existing local offline version of the ‘ststm32’ platform and ‘framework-mbed’ framework already installed on my machine by platformio (at an earlier date) . Instead of doing a version check and updating the platform/framework first before starting the build process.

In general updating everything first is a good idea but sometimes I prefer to use a specific ‘older’ version of the platform/framework

Thank you

We have an issue #479 where you will be able “to fix the specific version” of a development platform.

Temporary solution, please edit ~/.platformio/appstate.json and set installed_packages > framework-mbed > version to 999 (max). In this case, pio will not update your framework.

I am trying to troubleshoot a ssl connection by adding DEBUGV statements to a .cpp file. This file gets overwritten whenever i build. I tried

“installed_packages”: {“tool-scons”: {“version”: 999, “time”: 1466701971}, “toolchain-xtensa”: {“version”: 999, “time”: 1466701961}, “tool-esptool”: {“version”: 999, “time”: 1466701962}, “tool-mkspiffs”: {“version”: 1, “time”: 1466710556}, “framework-arduinoespressif”: {“version”: 999, “time”: 1467213313}, “ldscripts”: {“version”: 999, “time”: 1467213314}

However, the *.cpp files still are overwritten before they are used. Any suggestions?

Hi @kbrandt!
Please don’t modify files from environment directories .pioenvs they are temporary and may be overwritten after each build. Packages with source files are located in PlatformIO home directory:
/home/user/.platformio/packages (Unix)
C:\Users\user\.platformio\packages (Windows)

Thank you @valeros .this is the information that i needed!