Using a board from a dependency


I’m developing for the Lilygo EPD47 board and while their original repository is not supporting PlatformIO directly, it was easy enough for me to fork it and add a library.json file that I could send a Pull Request later on:

One thing, though, is that the original content provides board definitions in the platformio/boards folder.

I have copied this folder to my own project and used the following item in the [platformio] section:

boards_dir = boards

However, I’m wondering if I could avoid copying the folder from the above dependency and use it directly. Here is how I declared the dependency:

lib_deps =

Can it be possible to specify a board from the .pio\libdeps\t5-4_7-plus\LilyGoEPD47\platformio\boards folder directly?

PlatformIO has no provisions to load board definitions from a code library. That’s supposed to be either in the project directory, the platform, or the boards/ directory of the PlatformIO core folder. If you want to propose such a feature, open an issue in