Upload to Attiny85 failing

Hi there,

I’m new to working with arduino and I’m trying to use platformio as I use atom for all projects.

I’m attempting to push my code onto a attiny85 however I contiune to get the following error:

CURRENT: upload_protocol = usbtiny
Looking for upload port…
Uploading .pioenvs/attiny85/firmware.hex
avrdude: Error: Could not find USBtiny device (0x1781/0xc9f)

my platformio.ini looks like:

platform = atmelavr
board = attiny85
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = usbtiny

when I run pio device list it returns null. my OS is ubuntu 18.04. I’m thinking this is some type of driver issue?
thanks in advance for any help.

Is your programmer an USBtiny or something else like a USBAsp? The output from pio device list is seems correct as it only lists serial devices by default … and programmers like the USBtiny, USBAsp, etc don’t present as serial devices.