"Upload File System image" gone missing from Task Explorer


ESP8266 Core 5.0.1 Home 3.3.0

I have been uploading to SPIFFS for quite a while, last time was maybe 3 weeks ago, there have been updates since this time… I now open an existing project from home page and find that the upload task is missing. the data folder is still present.

Duplicate of Can't find Upload FS in platformIO tasks after update to 2.0.0 (or 2.0.1).

I am using ESP8266 2.3.2 not ESP32 2.0.1.

The Platform tasks are all missing.

I have updated to 2.6.2 and the platform tasks are present.

I have no idea whether change is intrinsic to the update or the update simply mended a broken install. Either way the thing worked a few weeks ago but again I do not know version.