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Update Teensy 4.0 CMSIS DSP library?

Is it possible to update the CMSIS DSP library that is used for the Teensy 4.0? The version that I have is framework-arduinoteensy @ 1.157.220801 (1.57). In the C:\Users\username.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoteensy\cores\teensy4 directory, I find the arm_math.h file, which has version number at the top of the file that says it’s v1.5.1 from 2017. The CMSIS library from ARM is up to v1.10.0 currently, so this is fairly old. There’s a function that I’d like to use from one of the more recent versions.

Can this be updated? If so, how? I don’t see where the CMSIS source files are even located.


Since the file is in, can you open an issue in Issues · PaulStoffregen/cores · GitHub to get it corrected at the source?

The precompiled libraries mentioned here are in the compiler, aka toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi. Specifically since

You should find at C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\packages\toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi@1.50401.190816\arm-none-eabi\lib


Meaning if you replace both the header files and the precompiled .a library with their newest versions, you have updated.

Last time I checked you had to go through a labourous project of compiling that library yourself from source. It does not get compiled from source by default.

Ok. Thanks for the info. I will raise the issue with PJRC.