Update breaks existing project without an option to rollback

I have a project for atmelavr platform. It requires framework-arduinoavr with version ~1.10623.2.

The version 1.10623.2 is now superseded by 1.10623.190125. And since it’s a framework, not a platform, I can’t specify the exact needed version.

The new version includes Ethernet library version 2.0.0 instead of 1.1.2. This is critical for my project because newer framework version takes more space and doesn’t fit in the flash memory. I tried to add lib_deps = Ethernet@1.1.2 to platformio.ini, but even though it added the required library version to dependencies, it didn’t remove newer library version from there.

I apologize for my mistake. After cleaning & rebuilding the project, only older library version is used.