Unsure how to use PIO Remote Share

I’ve figured out how to get PIO Remote upload and debugging working between my primary device and a raspberrypi that I’m using as the agent. However, what attracted me to PIO Remote was the ability to share access to a given agent to others without having them use my PIO Account. However, the only mention of this I can see anywhere is in the command itself pio remote agent start --share TEXT, and it says in the documentation that it expects the email associated with the account as the argument to share, but I cannot find any mention of what to do next or how this enables a friend of mine to access the agent.

If I’m just missing something or if someone else knows how to use this featured, that would be great.

Well first of all your friend has to have a PIO account. See pio register. That does need an email etc…

You should then be able to share it with that email.

Then you can use pio remote agent list and pio remote run (doc2) commands etc.

Thanks for the reply!

I think I understand how it works now. Can you only pass one email when starting the agent, or is there a way to share an agent with multiple people? e.g. pio Remote agent start --share email1 email2

Code says

multiple=True. Per click documentation you can thus specify the flag multiple times, so pio remote agent start -s email1 -s email2.

Perfect! Thanks for digging in & finding that!