Unresponsive IDE

Periodically my PlatformIO IDE becomes unresponsive.
This manifests itself when trying create a new project or when trying to search for a library.

in the first instance I cannot enter a project name, in the 2nd I cannot enter text to search for.

It may also be related to another issue when I search libraries I cannot find ArduinoUniqueID which I believe exists.

Is it unresponsive, or is it:

Thanks for the reply, that is indeed the problem.

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Same to me in VSC, I try to close the PIO Home and start again or I have to wait for several minutes.

The simplest workaround is to simply double click on the PIO Home tab - before that, I used to close and re-open PIO Home. This is before I found out that the underlying issue is that keyboard focus has been lost, as between opening PIO Home, and trying to enter some text, you’ve clicked on some element of VSCode, and due to a bug in VSCode, it doesn’t return keyboard focus to WebViewPanel’s when they are clicked on. :frowning:

A simple experiment to demonstrate… Have a VSCode terminal panel open… i.e. the PIO Terminal… open PIO home, scroll down ‘Recent Projects’ and enter anything… just some text… ddd will do… then click on the terminal… when you do ddd, the terminal gets the characters you type… then click on the ‘Recent Projects’ input box again (which even lights up as you move over it)… and when you type ddd… it appears in the terminal… really helpful, that is!.. double click on the PIO Home tab up the top, and when you click on the input box… keyboard input finally works again… yay!

@Raig: If you have to wait for several minutes, then you might be affected by another bug that I’ve observed from time to time: a background process of Visual Studio Code using most of the CPU time. If that’s the case, Visual Studio Code becomes extremely slow and reacts to user interactions with a delay of several seconds.

Have you checked if a process is using all the CPU time? In my case, it was a process called Code Helper.

The only solution I’ve found so far is to quit and restart Visual Studio Code. And I can’t pinpoint yet, when it happens and how to reproduce it. There are many Visual Studio Code issues related to this; but all issues have been closed due to a lack of additional information and reproducability.

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