Unable to upload project to Arduino 101

I have been trying quite some time to upload my project i wrote on plaotformIO onto my Arduino 101 board. The project builds fine, but has an error uploading. It also uploads fine when built and uploaded on Arduino’s sketch program. Thanks in advance for the help!
Screenshot of error:

I have installed platformio and I am able to build, upload and monitor firmware on the Arduino 101.
NOTE: I am running everything on Linux under emacs. So I am doing everything in emacs command line.
If you can give a little more detail on what you’re attempting, I might be able to help.

Thanks for responding!
So far I have been using the platformIO ide (the one integrated with Atom) on Windows 10. So far I have not really done anything crazy-just a simple program which starts a bluetooth connection.

Hi @thegajan
Thanks for the report, uploading fails because of space symbol in your username. Please try development version.

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Thanks! I haven’t been able to try in a while as I was busy with school but the development version does work. :slight_smile: