Unable to upload Firmware OTA to ESP8266

Hello ,
i got 2 Windows Computers,
my Project is synchronized by git.
Got same environment both devices.
The first Laptop no issue to upload with esptool to my ESP8266 NODEMCU working nice OTA.
The other device allways change upload_protocol to ESPOTA not using esptoool. Ever i got
CURRENT: upload_protocol = esptool
Uploading .pio\build\WebserverRolladenEG\firmware.bin
01:37:52 [DEBUG]: Options: {‘esp_ip’: ‘’, ‘host_ip’: ‘’, ‘esp_port’: 8266, ‘host_port’: 32980, ‘auth’: ‘’, ‘image’: ‘.pio\build\WebserverRolladenEG\firmware.bin’, ‘spiffs’: False, ‘debug’: True, ‘progress’: True}
01:37:52 [INFO]: Starting on
01:37:52 [INFO]: Upload size: 385776
01:37:52 [INFO]: Sending invitation to:
01:37:52 [INFO]: Waiting for device…
01:38:02 [ERROR]: No response from device
I dont have any soloution.
I put:

platform = espressif8266

platform_packages =


board = nodemcu

framework = arduino

upload_resetmethod = nodemcu

board_build.filesystem = littlefs

upload_port =

upload_speed = 115200

monitor_speed = 115200

upload_protocol = esptool

thanks for helping me