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I have the TTGO-OLED LoRa V1. I’ve gotten the OLED to work. The script creates OLED_SDA and OLED_SCL at 4 and 15 for the SSD1306 OLED. 4 and 15 doesn’t let me hook up an I2C device.

Pins 21 and 22 are exposed- this is an ESP32 chip with LoRa. 21 and 22 are the default. They don’t work.
I just want to get a sensor reading to display on the OLED.
So I tried as many different methods as I could think. I declared SDA and SCL as two different GPIOs close to the breadboard.

It strains credulity to suggest that all five of my BME 680 chips don’t work, along with BME180s, BME280s, a pulse detector and some other things.

I read in a blog post type thing that they had an LED on 22 a long time ago, so they made 23 the SCL pin. That doesn’t work either.

Anybody have experience getting I2C to work on the TTGO-OLED-LoRa?