Trying to use ESP-IDF v4.3 with

I’m trying to use this example code for using pcnt to read a rotary encoder, but it appears that this code is specific to ESP-IDF v4.3, and platformio seems to install v4.2 (the directory doesn’t even exist in v4.2). The code fails to compile in v4.2 because the pcnt_get_event_status function is missing. Is there a way to get platformio to install and use v4.3 of ESP-IDF? I’ve tried modifying my platformio.ini to use:

platform_packages =
framework-espidf @ GitHub - espressif/esp-idf: Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for Espressif SoCs.

but that doesn’t appear to result in the framework getting installed to .platformio/packages. does something and it create a directory, but most of the files are missing.