Toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi new versions :"cannot find -larm_cortexM4l_mat"

Hello everyone,
I am writing something for Teensy 3.2 and wanted to use some c++ constexper functionalities offered by cpp17. The default toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi ( version 1.50401.190816) doesnt seem to support some of the stuff i needed, so i decided to compile with a newer version using the build flag
“platform_packages = toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi…” but i get the following error when i try to compile :

…arm-none-eabi/bin/ld: cannot find -larm_cortexM4l_math

for the following versions:



I solved this issue by simply copying the missing library form the default version but this seemed like an ugly hack since to my understanding it should be there in the first place.

I just wanted to bring this issue to public attention and ask if i am doing something wrong that causes this issue rather than a package simple missing a library.

PS: I am using Linux so some of the windows versions might not have this issue.

Please file an issue at Issues · platformio/platform-teensy · GitHub