Tiva TM4C123 Incorrect MCU

Hi, I’m new to the Platform IO Community. I have been using it with various MCUs but recently started using an EK-TM4C123GXL. I looked on Platform IO and found:

TI LaunchPad TM4C123 80MHz
Flash: 256KB

I was disappointed because I did not see the TM4C123GH6PM listed, but I figured I could make a pull request and add it myself. That’s when I noticed there does not seem to be a LaunchPad TM4C1230C3PM, just the MCU. Furthermore, the actual specs are Flash: 32KB SRAM: 12KB, which does not match the specs above. The product URL is given for the board on GitHub clearly states that the EK-TM4C123GXL uses the TM4C123GH6PM MCU (which does match the given specs), not the LPTM4C1230C3PM.


“build”: {
“ldscript”: “lm4fcpp_blizzard.ld”
“core”: “tivac”,
“cpu”: “cortex-m4”,
“f_cpu”: “80000000L”,
“mcu”: “lptm4c1230c3pm”,
“variant”: “EK-TM4C123GXL”
“debug”: {
“svd_path”: “TM4C1230C3PM.svd”,
“tools”: {
“ti-icdi”: {
“onboard”: true,
“server”: {
“arguments”: [
“-s”, “$PACKAGE_DIR/scripts”,
“-f”, “board/ek-tm4c123gxl.cfg”
“executable”: “bin/openocd”,
“package”: “tool-openocd”
“frameworks”: [
“name”: “TI LaunchPad (Tiva C) w/ tm4c123 (80MHz)”,
“upload”: {
“maximum_ram_size”: 32768,
“maximum_size”: 262144
“url”: “EK-TM4C123GXL Evaluation board | TI.com”,
“vendor”: “TI”

I decided to look through the pull requests and found one that addresses this exact issue, but it was closed without explanation.


So I am wondering is there a reason that the MCU is not what it should be, and if I make a pull request to fix this, what can I do to not have it closed like the one above.

I appreciate your help.

Please comment in the linked PR with the information you have above to trigger a re-opening.

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