Time.h not recognized/working with ESP32

VSC: 1.55.1
PIO: Core: 5.2.0a5, Home: 3.3.4
ESP32 core: 1.0.6

Hello, I noticed that time.h is somehow not recognized although no error is flagged in the source code in regards to a missing library.
When I compile the source code below, I get the error message:
src\main.cpp:16:51: error: 'strftime' was not declared in this scope

It does compile fine though in the Arduino IDE which makes me think it might be an issue with PIO or VSC.

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <time.h>

void setup()
void loop()
  struct tm *ptm;  // 'struct tm' enthält die Komponenten einer Kalenderzeit
  char timeStrBuf [5];
  strftime(timeStrBuf, sizeof(timeStrBuf), "%H:%M", ptm);
  String sysTimeStr = String(timeStrBuf);  

Any suggestions how to overcome this?
Thank you!

Found the solution to the problem:
PlatformIO Community