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There is no simple `build` target to run?

➜  DnWiFiDoorLock git:(unit_testing) ✗ pio run --list-targets
Environment    Group     Name         Title                        Description
-------------  --------  -----------  ---------------------------  ----------------------

nodemcuv2      Platform  buildfs      Build Filesystem Image
nodemcuv2      Platform  erase        Erase Flash
nodemcuv2      Platform  size         Program Size                 Calculate program size
nodemcuv2      Platform  upload       Upload
nodemcuv2      Platform  uploadfs     Upload Filesystem Image
nodemcuv2      Platform  uploadfsota  Upload Filesystem Image OTA

There is no simple build target to run? upload builds the project AND uploads it to the device. What if I want to just build it, without uploading it to the device?

pio run without any target switch (-t) will build the project.

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haha, it is that simple! thanks :slight_smile:

i guess there could be a build target and running run without any specified target would call it as default –> but it works so whatev :wink: