The end is near for that dreaded keyboard focus bug

Looks like that nasty bug in VSCode that has been stealing keyboard focus, and generating numberous forum posts, is near to being squashed. It was found to be an upstream Chromium issue, and is in the process of being included in Electron, so hopefully we’ll see it in the next update to VSCode.

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Yes, we already contacted Microsoft. They are impressed with our success for PlatformIO IDE extension and promised us to close issues related to PlatformIO. I don’t know how many weeks/months we will need for this.


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deepak1556: the fix is now available in latest insiders
txase: I already checked earlier today. Works beautifully!

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And the fix is now live for all… VSCode 1.40.2 includes the fix! So make sure you update, if you don’t want to have to keep double-clicking the home tab to use your keyboard! :laughing: