The 1 extension(s) below, in workspace recommendations have issues: platformio.platformio-ide (not found in marketplace)

For a about a week now, each time I start up VSCode I get the annoying notification message in the title. Everything still works fine, just the notification.

Code - OSS

Version: 1.49.1
Commit: 58bb7b2331731bf72587010e943852e13e6fd3cf
Date: 2020-09-23T22:26:38.399Z
Electron: 9.2.1
Chrome: 83.0.4103.122
Node.js: 12.14.1
OS: Linux x64 5.8.12-zen1-1-zen

I get the same issue.
I suggest you to not try and uninstall platformIO, since I did to debug on issue with intellisens 1.0.1 not working and I am unable to install it again, since it is not found in marketplace.

Any ideas how I could get it indtalled again?

Isn’t this the version that doesn’t come with the Microsoft Marketplace stuff? So that’s why it can’t be found? Does it work in normal MS VSCode?

I’m not sure about “Code OSS” but definitely VSCodium cannot see the Microsoft Marketplace after a fairly recent update. I was using an older version for a while and I could still see the marketplace, but after an update, no more.

I was using that version to avoid the telemetry “problem”, but as I’ve got “Pi Hole” installed, it blocks the URL that the telemetry goes to, so I’ve been using the VSCode official release for a month or so now with no problems, and no telemetry.



$ sudo pacman -Ss vscode
community/code 1.49.3-1 [installed]
The Open Source build of Visual Studio Code (vscode) editor

It is this package in Arch Linux repos.
It did definitely work before and platformIO was visible and installable.

Thanks a lot, platformIO is found with the official release.
I didn’t realize there were different versions.

Still it is surprising that it doesn’t work anymore despite definitely working earlier.

If you wish to continue using the OSS version of code, you can try installing code-marketplace from the AUR. This patches the OSS configuration to include the urls so the marketplace is accessible