TFT eSpi problem


When building examples for the TFT eSPI library i get these errors:

.pio\libdeps\portenta_h7_m7\TFT_eSPI\TFT_eSPI.cpp:3374:83: error: ‘SPI_SSPCR0_DSS_BITS’ was not declared in this scope
.pio\libdeps\portenta_h7_m7\TFT_eSPI\TFT_eSPI.cpp:3374:11: error: ‘hw_write_masked’ was not declared in this scope

Am I missing something from the user_setup or are there any other dependencies i am missing?

I use TFT_eSPI a lot with platform IO without issue, and usually, the only thing you need to do is pick the nearest setup for your board. However, I don’t see any configurations aimed at your board, is it supported? I think the issue is it’s picking up code aimed at the pico and would fail in Arduino IDE too:

In TFT_eSPI.cpp line 3339 (in my version - may be slightly different for you)

  // Temporary solution is to include the RP2040 optimised code here
#if (defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_RP2040)  || defined (ARDUINO_ARCH_MBED)) && !defined(RP2040_PIO_INTERFACE)

In the short term I think you could make sure that does not resolve to true (remove the ARDUINO_ARCH_MBED check). Would probably be worth you reporting an issue to TFT_eSPI.