Terminal malfunction esp32 espidf


I compiled and loaded a program that was fine about 3 months ago. I need a verifiable starting point for a new project. Now when I compile and load I get garbage for output, looks like a baud rate mismatch. I have checked a number of things and none seem to help. I check the sdkconfig file and found monitor baud 115200B 1, I f set it to that and not set it in the platform.ini file. Text is fine up to the point where the program starts to execute. Also changed pioenv to monitor_speed fdrom monitor_baud. Program uses ESP_LOGI function for its output to terminal. Wha am I missing, what has changed? example follows:
I am using a Sparkfun esp32 Thing

Executing task: C:\Users\frank.platformio\penv\Scripts\platformio.exe device monitor <

— Miniterm on COM6 115200,8,N,1 —
— Quit: Ctrl+C | Menu: Ctrl+T | Help: Ctrl+T followed by Ctrl+H —
ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57

ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57

configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:2
entry 0x40078fd4
��n��␟��␜r␒l�␄��l␟b␌␘␌�nn�b␌␘␒�l��’�l␄�␀�␜|�␜�␌␜|␌␜␀�␜|��␀�<�␒�␟��␀�8~�n�nn�� b���n�ln␎#␎�␛8��␜�ln�␃�0l␜�l␛␀�x~�n�b␌␘␎�n�␃�1�n�␃��␒n��܀l␜��␟��␜�␜��␇�␛8�n␎#␎�␛8��␜�ln�␃İ�␜�l␛␀�8~�n�b␌␘␒␛n�#�8␒n��␀�$|ې␀l�␃b�8␒␂�␛�n�b�?␂��␂���n�#�␇��<�b��␇�␛8�n␎#␎�␛8��␜�ln�␃�0�␜�l␛␀�8~�n�b␌␘�␛� l��6���␛��␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘�␌␘�␌␜r␛ır�n�ln␎#␎�␛89�␜�ln�␃İ�␜�l␛␀�8~�n�b␌␘�␛� l�$ln���␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀�␟␀␌�#�l␎�␛8�n␎#␎�␛8��␜�ln�␃�0�␜�l␛␀�8~�n�b␌␘�␛؉l�Đ8␒��␂n��bb��␀�␟␀␌�;␛��n�ln␎#␎�␛89�␜�ln�␃İ�␜�l␛␀�8~�n�b␌␘���1O�␒n�␒nn�␂��Ip␌�n�#�␇�␛8�n␎#␎�␛8��␜�ln�␃�0�␜�l␛␀�8~�n�b␌␘␎�␘␀␌l�#܉�n�␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘��|␂��␛␂�␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌��␂�␛␂�� I␀�l���ǒ��␂�␀␌␘p���n��␂n␎�␛8�n␎c␎�␛8��␜�ln�␃�0␌��l␛␀�8~�n�b␌␘␀␌␜␀�n�r�␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘���qH�␃Ĉ␒��␒�␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘�l␜␀␌␜�␌␘�␌␜�␌␜�␌␜�␌␜␀␌␜�␌␜����␌␜��␇�␛8�n␎#␎�␛89�␜�ln�␃�0l��l␛␀�8~�n�b␌␘␀l␜␀␌<`␒���n��߀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀�$␜␛ �N��߁␂�␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␘␀␌␜�␌␘�l␜␀␌␜�␌␜����␌␜�␌


Please upload your entire platformio.ini and the firmware code you’ve written so we can reproduce, verify and debug this.


Issue turned out to be crystal frequency, Using a Sparkfun thing and needed to sert at 26MHz
Thanks for the assist