Teensy: using a beta version of the platform-package

But its not going to help you out as it only links to stable releases

yes, thats the main problem, as said before, using

platform = https://github.com/platformio/platform-teensy.git

imho alway picks the latest available stable verision, so i tried to gather all the files required for teensiduino 1.58beta2 as also GCC11.3.1 and pack it to working C++17 environment forcing platformio to use those local folders with gathered files

platform_packages =

actually this is already working, but one library requires the


flag which causes linker error even if the library is not included in the project, therefore i thought i did wrong when putting the files together anyhow and i was hoping that maxgerhardt will do the right way as he did with 1.154.0-beta7

honestly, maybe i am on the wrong track, but still hoping to get this issue fixed