Teensy: Reset board command

Environment: Windows 10, VS Code 1.32.3, Platformio 3.6.6, Teensy 3.6

Situation: Program compiled, uploaded and runs fine.

Question: How to restart (reset?) board so that uploaded code is retried (re-initiated, reset, etc…)? That is, restart the program WITHOUT recompiling and re-uploading it. Said another way, is there a command or option to re-initiate an already uploaded program?

Any help appreciated…Thanks…

I’m not sure if there is anything included with PlatformIO for this, but you should be able to use tycmd (assuming it still works :laughing:). Compiled windows binaries are available on the releases tab… you should only need that executable from the zip file for reset functionality.

tycmd reset will restart your device (bootloader and then reset)
tycmd reset -b will start the bootloader (same as pressing the button)
Use --board if you have more than one teensy plugged in…