Teensy-cli removed from tool-teensy 1.148.0 release

I recently upgraded my tool-teensy package (required by teensy platform) from 1.147.0 to 1.148.0.
Sadly teensy-cli program that was part of it has disappeared and 1.147.0 is not available anymore on server if I try to backup.

I can’t find where tool-teensy sources are located, I tried on platformio, github and PJRC.
Does someone has some hint on this, so I can make a pull request ?

The Teensy Loader CLI repo is here:

There’s a bug requesting an update to the loader here:

However, my installation of 1.148 has the teensy_loader_cli binary installed in


What OS are you running platform on?

I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 64bits.

I found both packages’ tar.gz on bintray :
and teensy_loader_cli is no longer present in tool-teensy-linux_x86_64-1.148.0.tar.gz

However teensy_loader_cli is still here for macOS (tool-teensy-darwin_x86_64-1.148.0.tar.gz). So I assume you’re a mac user or I don’t understand what happened with your 1.148 :thinking:
If this is correct I’ll open an issue on Github.

Nope, looks like you’re right… I don’t have the teensy loader cli here on (Manjaro) Linux.

Yup, I’m on macos. Sounds like its time to file that bug!

Sorry, this is our issue. Please re-run pio update.

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Thanks ! it works fine now :slight_smile:

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