Tdslite - new MSSQL connector library

Hi folks, Mustafa here o/

I’ve released a new library named “tdslite”, which is a lightweight TDS driver that allows connecting to MSSQL databases. It is a header-only library, written in platform-independent, pure C++ with zero external dependencies. The driver object itself only requires 64 bytes of SRAM, and depending on the use case, it can even work with very limited SRAM (e.g. Arduino Nano).

It’s available on Platform IO Registry as well as the Arduino Library Manager with the name “tdslite”. The latest version 0.2.0 supports executing queries (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE), retrieving result sets from the database (e.g. reading rows from a table), and queries with bound input parameters (e.g. select * from table where col1 = @p1).

If you’re in the market for a decent MSSQL connector (not that there are many MSSQL connectors out there), give it a shot!

Feel free to report any issues/feature requests/questions!