Support for armhf? (a.k.a. RPi3)

I know I’m asking for pain, but I have a decent monodevelop and Arduino’s IDE running on my RPi3 and it works fairly decent. I’m looking for something a bit better than the Arduino Sketch IDE, The Arduino IDE managed to get workable toolchains for various boards, so that’s a good sign.

I came to Platform IO hoping to find a better build environment.

Is there any reason why it just won’t work? I’m willing to try to build from scratch, but before I start, I just want to know if I’m headed down a dead-end.

PlatformIO is written in pure Python and will work anywhere where Python Interpreter can be installed. As result, it will work on RPi too.

If you mean “PlatformIO IDE”, it’s an addon/package for GitHub’s Atom text editor. Atom doesn’t work on RPi. :frowning:

Nevertheless, you can use PlatformIO CLI or other IDE that could be installed on RPi.