SuperB mounted on Macchin M2


I have an unsupported ESP32 espriff based board on my supported Arduino Due based board that I can program and use from the Arduino IDE but can’t figure out how to add to PIO, is there a way to add settings for uploading and debugging separate and how about Projects that can use multiple boards at once?

Macchina M2, Arduino due based board with support in PIO.
SuperB, is an ESP32 espriff based board mounted on the M2.

I’ve successfully been able to flash my Macchina M2 from the newly installed PIO.
But now when I want to program the SuperB mounted on the M2, I’m not sure how to add the board.

The Flashing SuperB Instructions is very specific for the Arduino IDE.

Since It’s an espriff ESP32 based board the Arduino IDE sollution is to manipulate the espriff boards file to accumulate the SuperB.

The big downside with having the SuperB mounted directly on the M2 is that the settings for uploading a sketch to it via the M2 can’t be used for serial com.
Since it uses the M2 for serial I have to switch board configuration in the Arduino IDE when i want to see the serial com after uploading. Back and forth, every time…
Is there maybe a way to automate this in PIO or at least use different settings for uploading and serial com?

So question 1
Can I manipulate the allready existing espriff files without making some par fubar or having PIO replace the “corrupted file”. Or is the best maybey to “copy/paste” from the files for the due and the espriff to make my own set of files designed just for my combination of cards?

N’ question 2
Is there a way to make it easier to watch the serial data from the M2 when uploading sketches to the SuperB?

Finaly question 3
As I figuered it out now I have to have one Project for the M2 and all the stuff it has to do, and one for the SuperB that’s handling all the serial to wifi Communication.
I really want to have one Project that can share libs and determine which board I want to compile what files to. Because the PIO GUI feels a bit confusing as of my first week trying it out.

Thanks for Reading and Best regards!