Stupid question

Hello everyone.

This must sound as a dumb question but i can’t open any project with this platform.

Im just trying to create a project for my arduino and when i try to open it a message appears that says:

“Open Project…
Project has been successfully configured and is located by this path: C:\Users\Porzello\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects\Software.
You can open it with your favourite IDE or process with platformio run command.”

what does that even mean?? why a window with a void loop and void setup doesn’t show up??

what am i doing wrong?

i always programmed with the arduino ide and atmel studio and when i pressed new project it always appeared a new window with a void loop and a void setup in it. why is it so hard? i just want to start a project.

Thank you.

And how did you do that? From the CLI or within Visual Studio Code?

You can give it a --ide=.. paramter to tell it to generate project files for that IDE. You should then be able to to import it from your IDE with their native dialog.

C:\Users\Maxi>pio init -h
Usage: init [OPTIONS]

  -d, --project-dir DIRECTORY
  -b, --board ID
  --ide [atom|clion|codeblocks|eclipse|emacs|netbeans|qtcreator|sublimetext|vim|visualstudio|vscode]
  -O, --project-option TEXT
  --env-prefix TEXT
  -s, --silent
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

Oh my god.

i didn’t knew that you would need to know this type of code to even run a project… what is that??

as my ide i installed platformIO and clang.

i followed a youtube tutorial but it does not work for me.

PlatformIO is a plugin in Atom or Visual Studio Code, not the IDE itself. If you’ve downloaded the most recent version off the website you have Visual Studio Code installed now.

That being said, you should always refer to the latest documentation. Here (Redirecting...) is the documentation on how to get started with creating, building and uploading a project with VSCode. Try this or tell me at which exact step you have problems.

thank you so much! now here is late but i will reply this week because i have to work. Thank you for your patience but i had no idea…i thought it was way easier. i’ll let you know soon

oh yes i almost forgot! i installed it on atom not on visual studio. i’ll write you soon thank you!

Thank you man. i finally understood how to use it. but it actually isnt user friendly at all at first.