Struggling to find tool-arduino101load @~1.124.0

Hello everyone.

Im trying to have an old Arduino101 work with Science Journal app.
After a lot of research and help here and elsewhere (you could find couple of my other posts if curious) I managed it to compile and upload, but still didn’t work.

I came up my mind the only last way to have it work may be to make it as vanilla as its original platformio.ini file ask.

To do so I need to use the old version intelARC 1.2.0, and it require tool-arduino101load@~1.124.0, so no more than 1.199.9 according to what i was able to understand about version semantics.

Any combination of intelARC 1.3.0 and tool-arduino101load@1.201.0 [platformio/tool-arduino101load: Genuino101 uploader tool] DOES NOT WORK at the end.

Following the page above I came on GitHub - intel/intel-arduino-tools but I can’t say if and which of those versions have arduino101load I need.

Any tool-arduino101load other than @1.201.0 seems simply not to exists.

Anyone could help to find out?