Strange version of STSTM32 platform

When I type pio platform install ststm32, I get the platform version 5.3.0, but without the following commit: define ARDUINO_BLUEPILL_F103C8 for bluepills to get correct LED_BUILT… · platformio/platform-ststm32@bed8f76 · GitHub
In other words, there is no flag -DARDUINO_BLUEPILL_F103C8 for bluepill_f103c8 board.

But if I look at the repo history, the version was bumped to 5.3.0 after that commit.

How is it possible to get version 5.3.0 of the platform, but without the aforementioned commit, which goes before version bump?

Hmm, after reinstalling the platform one more time, there is no such issue any more. Was it some caching issue?

Did you look into the ~/.platformio/platforms/ststm32 or ~/.platformio/platforms/ststm32@5.3.0 folder?

I did. The first one, without version, specifically.