STM8 Arduino parseInt operation

hi Guys

Help with the problem. board stm8sblue Framework - Arduino . I can not get stm8 to accept a variable with a UART in one line. For STM32, the parseInt command is available, but there is no such command in STM8. How can I solve this problem?

Good question, the C based SDuino core does not have any parse functions:

One would probably need to rely on standard C functions for parsing, or custom ones. I’ll try and write an example.

I tried looking for additional UART processing packages something like SerialCommands by Pedro Tiago Pereira. But it didn’t work out
*** [.pio\build\stm8sblue\lib5a3\SerialCommands\SerialCommands.cpp.rel] Error 1
sdcpp.exe: fatal error: when writing output to : Broken pipe
.pio/libdeps/stm8sblue/SerialCommands/src/SerialCommands.h:21: syntax error: token → ‘SerialCommands’ ; column 20
*** [.pio\build\stm8sblue\src\main.c.rel] Error 1

It seems that STM8 is abandoned. many libraries do not work in PlatformIO

didn’t try to write ParseInt example ?

You cannot use .cpp files with SDCC, it only understands C syntax. (“Small Devices C Compiler”)

Didn’t have time yet.