Stm32f103rc ldscript question

Could anyone tell me the location of platformio stm32f103rc default ldscript? i am using stm32duino platform

pio run -t clean && pio run -v to see the full compiler commands, the last ones should be having the LD script you’re searching for.

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thanks a lot for your answer.

And i have another problem:
i write a .bat file to upload my firmware, and i want to know how can i replace it with vscode upload button action

And i find the similar script in packages\tool-stm32duino : serial_upload.bat

but in that bat it doen’t use the ,which i want to use,at the follow picture the thrid line
but default is second line , rem: means comment

so how can i do that without changing the platformio default things

Change the upload_protocol = ... according to STM32F103RC (48k RAM. 256k Flash) — PlatformIO latest documentation, seems like you want serial

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yes , i want serial to upload ,but in official platformio ,it use stm32flash.exe to upload, but i want my own .bat file to do that

Then implement a upload_protocol = custom script as noted in Redirecting....

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