STM32F103C8 Mbed Support

I’ll check. Creating an DigitalOut object with a valid PinName shouldn’t result in that o_o. Have you also setup debugging with the STLink in your IDE yet?

Yeah the error are clearly the lines

  dataPin = DigitalOut(dataPinName);

with dataPin being already a DigitalOut object it tries to use the overloaded method for a write() call (has syntax dataPin = ..;) and that fails on the object initialized with the NC pin. I’ll rewrite it properly and do a PR.

Thanks! I got everything else working with it, and Adafruit’s strandetest example works like a charm other than a single LED being stuck on…

Ah you were faster than me :sweat_smile:. You can still look into the Fix DigitalOut usage by maxgerhardt · Pull Request #1 · laveur/Adafruit_DotStar_mbed · GitHub PR for how I would’ve done it. Great that everything’s working now.

I think there’s still a way to override the us-ticker property for all targets in the mbed_app.json, so that no framework file modifications must be done for portable usage. I’ll have a look.

I also encountered the same problem, which is also bluepill. I want to know the problem with the function: thread_sleep_for() in platformio’s mbed library, will it be fixed later? I have not encountered this problem in the process of using mbed studio, which really delayed me a lot of time.

What target did you use for reference in mbed Studio?

Also, I checked with mbed-os/targets.json at master · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub and it doesn’t appear that BLUEPILL_F103C8 doesn’t come from mbed-os but is added by PlatformIO maintainers.

An issue at Bluepill can't start mbed-os FW due to sleep timer · Issue #400 · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub was opened to get it corrected.