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STM32 platform conflictions


The thing is that 2>&1 should redirect stderr to stdout so that all compiler messages, also the error messages, are written into the textfile and not into the console output. But if you can just do a compile run and copy the entire output of it into a textfile and upload it pastebin, that would help.

#23 weird it doesnt do it, id expect it to work but here it is copy pasted.


What is the dependency graph shown at the beginning of the normal compilation? Does it contain a library named Time? Because it has Time.h and on Windows it’s a case-insenstive system and it might get confused with the time.h from the compiler. See Please add a lib_ignore = Time to your platformio.ini or delete the library temporarily.


Im going to try that, very possible that this is the case, it would be the second time I had a time.h confusion.

First time when creating my own header files but I solved it by just renaming them.


You were right! Thanks a lot for all the time you took to dedicate to this problem of mine!


Just to clarify, the lib_ignore = Time ignores the Time.h libary right now so the time.h can work as its intended?


Yes, see


Im unsure if the libary doesnt need this though.

The dependency graph goes like

Dependency Graph
|-- <TM1637>
|-- <STM32duino RTC> 1.0.3
|   |-- <Time> 1.5

And now its

Dependency Graph
|-- <TM1637>
|-- <STM32duino RTC> 1.0.3

Ill try to look around if the libary still works without it but it seems not to so far

It does work, but Im confused it doesnt need this dependency that its build upon. On the platformio article it just makes sure they dont get depended on twice but for some reason the other time libary isnt shown


That looks good, TM1637 is a 7-segment display lib.